2012-2013 Year in Review

Please enjoy this short video, made with a fun tool called PowToon, with highlights of the 2013-2014 year in the library. Click the icon at the bottom right to view it in full-screen for better visibility: (If you are on a mobile device, this Flash file may not load. Get the Puffin Browser to enable Flash on your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device.)

I love PowToon as a video-making tool, but it doesn’t allow for embedding live links in the videos. Here are links to more information on some of the topics in the video:

Geek Squad

Calculus Assignment | Calculus Student Work

Disease Project Pathfinder | Student Work Examples

Self-Paced Plagiarism & Copyright Lesson 

MackinVIA ebooks

Digital Literacy Family Night

Mrs. Lofton’s Recent Presentations

California School Library Association

Flickr page for photos of student art and more

New Library Mural

Mrs. Zask, Mira Costa’s AP Studio Art teacher and I have been talking for a year about having her students create a mural for the library. The students pondered the design for many months while studying for their AP exam. When the exam was over in May, the project could begin!

Please enjoy this short video with images of the mural in progress and installed in the library, then come by to see it live!

2013-06-14 08.20.02

Click to View Library Mural Video

Flickr photos

Many, many thanks to Mrs. Zask and her talented artist students for creating a wonderful work of art for our school library!